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The hemp and cannabis market is on an extraordinary growth trajectory, expected to surpass $22 billion in the next few years. This presents an unprecedented opportunity to engage with high-quality hemp products that are at the forefront of the industry.



CRUSH LYFE and LYTE Hemp Extract products feature a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, such as CBD. These products are designed to support your wellness routine.



LYFE Products deliver a Full Spectrum experience, containing less than 0.3% THC, while LYTE Products provide a Broad Spectrum formulation with zero THC. Both options are completely non-psychoactive, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp flower—including the synergistic effects of its terpenes—without the high.



The CRUSH opportunity is driven by powerful products, passionate people, a very lucrative commission plan and our proven successful business building tools. The plan is "geared for growth" and has been expertly designed to help you earn cash fast and build long-term residual income that can and will protect your financial future. With CRUSH, what you do part-time can pay you for a life-time!

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Choosing a reputable source is crucial when selecting CBD products. CRUSH CBD stands out with its commitment to quality, offering products that have undergone thorough third-party testing, ensuring reliability and consistency for over six years.


Consistency is key to integrating CBD into your routine. Opt for the Autoship option to maintain a steady supply of CBD, making it easier to incorporate into your daily habits without interruption.


Patience is important when starting with any new supplement, including CBD. It's beneficial to allow time for adjustment to find what works best for you. Choosing a trusted product like CRUSH CBD can be a valuable part of your routine.


Exploring different methods of CBD intake can enhance your experience. While edibles are a popular choice, other forms such as sublingual products allow for direct absorption, offering flexibility in how you choose to include CBD in your lifestyle.


The Autoship program addresses the common challenge of maintaining a consistent supply of CBD. Ensuring you always have your product on hand means you won’t have to worry about running out or remembering to reorder. Autoship makes managing your supply straightforward and hassle-free.